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Cultural Awareness, Cognitive Skills and Creativity.

Bilingual Children have an Academic Advantage.

Studies in language development show that when young children have more exposure to all languages at an early age, it actually gives them a distinct academic advantage throughout life.

There is often an argument that students should first master the English language before branching out to others — but why can’t both be taught simultaneously? Bilingual children are able to focus more intently on the topics at hand and avoid distractions from academic pursuits. They are also able to demonstrate higher levels of cognitive flexibility, or the ability to change responses based on environment and circumstances. Critical thinking Ability is also augented through the acquisition of languages.


Monolingual 40%
Bilingual 68%
Trilingual 37%
MultiLingual 40%

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Three reasons to study with LIOTA


We believe in a FunImmersion approach to learning. Fun games, cultural teachings and spirited songs strengthen language retention and cognitive development.

No-hassle policy

We proudly stand by our flexible, no-hassle policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right by enrolling your young learner in a different class or by providing a refund


Our native-speaking teachers will help mold young learners into global citizens. Students gain an authentic jump start in today’s multicultural world.

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