Who are we?

We are a family of teachers whose native language is English with an American accent, and we are a Mexican-American company founded in the U.S. Our teachers and instructors have over 40 years of experience, and have taught in the United States as well as in Mexico, Central and South America.

We have taught this language in our travels while we study other dialects and cultures. In order to share our learning experiences with our students.



Our Mission is to teach Spanish and English and other languages using the Best Practices and Tactics of American language instruction.

While using the most Innovative and Effective approaches to learning which addresses all four learning styles.

We also stress the importance of Culture, Global Citizenry and helping our fellow citizens and society in general.

In this Global World we must be able to communicate so as to facilitate interaction and future employment with other countries.

We are no longer restricted to employment in the country in which we live, and learning another language opens up new horizons and opportunities.



Our vision is to engage with each of our students and support their learning needs in a Non-traditional approach that encourages one’s peaking Ability.

We use all forms of technology including videos, music, Ted Talks, You Tube videos and music to connect with our students so as to learn quickly.

We seek to expose our students to the language as well as the culture of a country to better understand and interact with people in this Global World in which we find ourselves.

The three most important languages in the 21st Century are English, Spanish and Chinese and we encourage all of our students to become at least Bi-lingual with an aim towards Tri-lingualism, regardless of the third language.

Meet Our Team

We have a small team but very dedicated and effective, each member has a speacility and loves what they do, we are always looking for more people with the same mission as us. If interested in joining us contact us today.


English, Spanish


English, French, Spanish

Teacher Oliver

German, British English, Spanish

Teacher Iry

English, Spanish

Teacher Alex


Teacher Kristel

English, Chinese, Spanish

Teacher Eduardo

English, Spanish

Teacher Ismael

English, Italian, Spanish

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