Frequently Asked Questions – Language courses

There are 3 types of Language Learners –

  • Compound – A child learns learns two languages simultaneously and does not differentiate the languages.
  • Coordinate – A student who speaks their Primary language at home and Secondary language at school or in public.
  • Subordinate – A person who uses his/her Primary language to filter the learning to the Secondary Language – usually adult learners.








Got Questions? We Have Answers

LIOTA learners can start at the tender age of 3 years old up to 80 years young.  Using our Specialized Instructional Approach, we have been successful in helping people become Biliingual and Trilingual – come and join us!!

Absolutely!! We have beginner, internediate and advanced levels of instruction and the only thing you need is the DESIRE/GANAS to learn, so become a bilingual learner with LIOTA.

At LIOTA we teach the same way you learned your native tongue – by speaking and you listen.  We do not require rote memorization and our LIOTA Immersion technique makes learning easy.  We believe in speaking the language so you can hear it and process it through your brain and it is considered Organic, Natural Learning.  The first day we do speak in your Native language 50% of the time, and we encourage students to ask questions and indicate their learning witih a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Sideways and Thumbs Down. So the answer is Yes, we do speak in your native language, but very minimally.  We also use Total Physical Response (TPR) to communicate by both teachers and students.

Yes, our teachers are all Native Speakers and were either born or lived in the United States and were educated in that system.  Teachers are of Mexican American  or Mexican descent, and we also have native speakers for each language spoken.

It is best to register at least 2 weeks ahead of time to reserve a spot in the upcoming class.


Yes, you can book a one week Intensive Immersion course ranging from 36 to 48 hours from Monday thru Saturday.  We have class from 9am-12 noon, 1 hour on site lunch and resume from 1:00pm-4:00pm for a 7 hour day.  Instruction is not restricted to just the classroom.  Saturday classes are available to supplement additional LIOTA Immersion classes.


Language camps use LIOTA Immersion approach and are offered on Saturdays from 8.00am to 4:00pm.  Children will prepare food,  eat meals, watch videos and use instructional technology and have classes in the target language.  We will have walking tours of the neighborhood, go to the nearby mall and have a “shoppiing day” all using the targat language.


We believe in maintaining a small group of students and classes range from 13-16 students to maximize instruction.  Some Specialized courses have less students but they pay a higher premium.


The hours of LIOTA are from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  We try to accomodate working hours of students and parents and will gladly work within your schedule.


LIOTA offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes including Conversational, Grammatical and Writing skills.  We also offer Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) and TOEFL test preparation – come join LIOTA.


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