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Course Description

This course provides an opportunity for intensive communication in spoken English. Emphasis is on vocabulary acquisition and interactive communication through the discussion of media materials and authentic texts. Upon completion, students should be able to discuss selected topics, express ideas and opinions clearly, and engage in formal and informal conversations.

Students practice speaking and listening strategies for effective communication for discussions, interviews, presentations, and note-taking to improve fluency in speaking and listening. Students will study the important effect intonation and body language have on meaning, build vocabulary and critical thinking skills, and develop confidence in speaking with purpose. The focus of this course is to prepare students for success in the workplace and community.



This course offers complete immersion in Spanish life and culture.


It is designed for people with no knowledge or very elementary knowledge of the Spanish\English language, and who want to spend a long time in Mexico.

In this course you will learn in a progressive and effective manner to communicate orally and in writing, using the curriculum of each level from A1 to C1 and with the possibility of taking the TOFEL examination.

At the same time you will have the opportunity to learn about the culture of Mexico or USA, not only in the conversation classes, but also in your daily life, sharing experiences with your colleagues, teachers and friends.

The Langauge Institute Of The Americas guarantees that you will have a good command of Spanish or English by the end of level C1.


It is the same as the annual course but only reaches B2 with the possibility of taking the Intermediate TOFEL examination.


Depending on the level of the students at the beginning of the course the student could reach B1, B2 or C1 with the possibility of taking the Beginner, Intermediate or Superior DELE examination.

  • Lessons per week: 20, 20+4 or 20+10 (Spanish + Culture lessons)
  • Duration: from 12 to 36 weeks
  • Levels:
    • Long duration (36 weeks): A1
    • Long duration (24+ weeks): A1 & A2
    • Long duration (12+ weeks): A1, A2 & B1
  • Maximum Students per Class: 12 students
  • Average Students per Class: 5-6 students
  • Hours of the Classes: Mornings or afternoons
  • Composition of the Course:
    • Long duration Intensive: 20 lessons per week: 10 Lessons Grammar & Vocabulary; 10 Lessons Development of Language Skills and Communication
    • Long duration Intensive+:20+4 lessons per week: 10 Lessons Grammar and Vocabulary; 10 Lessons Development of Language Skills and Communication; 4 Lessons Culture
    • Long duration Super Intensive+: 20+10 lessons per week: 10 Lessons Grammar & Vocabulary; 10 Lessons Development of Language Skills and Communication; 10 Lessons Culture

Codification is a new creative medium that allows children to combine their love for art and interactive technology to tell stories. When you learn to encode and create digital narrative projects, children acquire skills that improve and they have fun in the process.


Complete Self-Paced Lessons

Kids get hands-on with coding as they are guided through interactive tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and how-to videos.

21st century skills, including computer programming, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students learn how to logically sequence events, create playable games, tell a good story, and model real situations. They also learn computational thinking by developing algorithmic and design thinking abilities. After learning the fundamentals, kids can transition to JavaScript within the Liota learning system.

  • English for Banking and Finance
  • English for hotels and restaurants
  • English for medicine
  • English for Lawyers
  • Maritime English
  • Survival English

Course Description

This course introduces the fundamental elements of the Spanish language with the emphasis on Speaking ability within a cultural context. There is instruction on the development of basic listening, speaking, and reading skills. Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Spanish as well as demonstrate cultural awareness.  Students practice speaking and listening strategies for effective communication in discussions, presentations, lectures, note-taking, and group projects. 


  • Efficient Negotiating
  • Effective presentations
  • Business Communication
  • International record-keeping
  • Mini-МВA
  • English Discussion Club

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