Three Tiers of Education – But are they equal?

In the United States of America there are three tiers of  the educational system which are Public Schools, Private Schools and Charter Schools.  Public Schools receive their funds from the government, with Private Schools receiving their funds from parent, and Charter Schools receive their funds from the Public Sector for 5 years and are then to become self-sustaining schools.

In the U.S., the funding from the government comes with strings attached, usually meaning that there are educational requirements, testing, and standards that must be met.  Private Schools also have requirements but they are less stringent than the Public Schools. Religion can be taught in the Private sector whereas Religion is not taught in Public Schools.  Charter Schools follow the Public Sector lead and Religion is also not taught.

Public Schools are inexpensive for citizens and monies come from taxes. Private Schools are more costly and monies come from tuition, registration and participation fees and are paid for by the parents or foundations. Charter Schools are funded for five years from the government, and then must seek their own funding the sixth year.  Often these funds come from foundations, corporations and private individuals.  All schools have Educational Standards that must be met, and possible funding can be pulled if these standards are not met.  Often Standards zero in on reading, math and science scores. 

The important question is – are all of these schools equally funded and receiving the same scores on Standardized tests?  The answer is NO – schools are still separate and NOT equal.  The primary thrust was a program called “No Child Left Behind” – which really meant that all children were left behind, particularly the inner city, low income and even middle class students.  Teachers are teaching how to take a multiple choice tests instead of teaching Critical Thinking Skills and Abilities. Many parents still think they are Middle Class but they are actually upper lower class economically.

Is this a fair system—obviously it is not and it is past time for American citizens to demand an equal education for all future citizens—-that is assuming that we want an Educated Populace who can then influence governmental decisions.  If the system is broke, get out of it and Home School or World School because Education is not happening in 90% of the American educational system.  And I can say that because I witnessed the lack of Education in 3 states of the U.S. Are there exceptions—obviously there are, but I am not optimistic about the American educational system, are you?

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